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Germany's unique climate produces some of the finest apples in the world

For over a hundred years Germans have been making and drinking an apple-based soft drink called apfelschorle which is simply a mixture of the finest apple juice and clear sparkling mineral water. Almost everyone loves the taste of biting into a crisp delicious apple. However, straight apple juice has not enjoyed tremendous popularity around the world because most people find it too heavy or sweet to be refreshing. A long time ago in Germany people found that mixing a quantity of clear sparkling water (about 40%) with premium apple juice produced a light, refreshing, thirst-quenching beverage that still retains that great apple taste everyone loves; without the heaviness, or over-sweetness of plain apple juice. The drink proved to be naturally low in calories because it's almost half sparkling mineral water. In addition, the beverage was very healthy because it contained no added sugars or sweeteners, and no colorants or preservatives.

Apfelschorle started as a drink made by hand in German homes and restaurants.

But over the years, several beverage companies began producing and bottling various brands. Bottled apfelschorle and handmade/homemade apfelschorle combined are the most popular soft drink in Germany.

Lindauer Bodensee-Fruchtsaefte GmbH has become the premier producer/bottler of apfelschorle.

The family run juice production company uses only the finest apples, and mixes the right amount of clear mineral water and carbonation to create the one of the finest apfelschorles available anywhere. Only Vitamin C is added for increased nutrition; otherwise, Lindauer apfelschorle is all natural containing no added sugars, sweeteners, preservatives, or colorants. Lindauer has won 212 medals for excellence, and is the most winning German fruit juice brand.

Over the years, tourists visiting Germany enjoyed Apfelschorle, but found they were unable to purchase any when they returned to their home country. Lindauer began exporting Apfelschorle to the U.K., and in the first year of export sold 20,000,000 liters there. Now, Florida Beverage Imports Inc is teaming with Lindauer to bring this high quality apfelschorle to America, under the name Lindauer ZING. We are looking forward to introducing this delicious, healthy, low-calorie, refreshing beverage to the American public. We are confident it will become as popular here, as it is in Europe.